jakub polacek

I am frogs breeder and enthusiast from Prage (CZE). In few last years I am focused on two frog species - Oriental Fire-bellied toads (Bombina orientalis) and Cranwell's horned frogs (Ceratophrys cranwelli).

On this page you can find informations about care and breeding my colorful  

Oriental Fire-bellied toads, Horned frogs and in photo gallery are some wild life, animals pics. All photos are my own. You can visit my Blog with another photo galleries and articles what interest me.

I am in this hobby since spring 2008 when I saw offer of Blue FBTs (this  coloration looks like rare Blue Axanthic variation - dorsal side of skin is without pigment cells called Xanthophores) on czech classifieds ad and bought small group of colour FBTs from local breeder Miroslav Koukal. What I know till this time Blue variation is not recessive gene but polygenetically. The inheritance mechanism of the blue color remains unknown.

More about Blue Fire-bellied toads HERE!
I DO NOT SHIP frogs, eggs, tadpoles by postage. 

I breed only adult sized frogs in perfect condition 

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