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On this page you can find informations about care and breeding my colored 

Oriental Fire-bellied toads and in photo gallery are some wild life photos what I maked.

I am in this hobby since spring 2008 when I saw offer of Blue FBTs (this  coloration looks like rare Blue Axanthic variation - dorsal side of skin is without pigment cells called Xanthophores) on czech classifieds ad and bought small group of colour FBTs from local breeder Miroslav Koukal. What I know till this time Blue variation is not recessive gene but polygenetically. The inheritance mechanism of the blue color remains unknown.

More about Blue Fire-bellied toads HERE!

I have few young frogs for sale almost every year, especially in November when they have about 6 months and 3,5cm. If you will be interested to buy some, let me know. I live in Prague (Czech Republic). We can meet personally in Prague (Reptile Expo) or sometimes in December Terraristika Hamm Expo in Germany.


I don´t ship frogs by postage, 

only with special animal courier, if you have some

I don´t ship/sale eggs, tadpoles 

or younger frogs then 6 months old (3,5 cm)

I breed only adult sized frogs in perfect condition 

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